Nice Art Life Stories brings about the best views around the world from different individuals who love to travel. This is not a travel magazine, nor a company that profits from every post here on the site. This is simply a travel diary of people from around the world.

What we do here is simply to compile and collate all the entries people travelers submit from time to time and arrange it to upgrade its potential to those people who are looking for the next good place to visit. It’s like just being an admin of a large photo album with a subject that revolves around “The Best Places to Visit around the World.”

Why do we do it? Simple. To be inspired of how beautiful the world is around us; To have a goal of where we should travel next; To be get a glimpse of those places we may not be able to visit in our lifetime; And to get an idea of what else is out there beyond the place or the city we grew up in. Not everyone is as privileged as those who can travel. Because of this, we want them to live with us in that moment, through our eyes.

Who are we? We are just like you, your friends, or your neighbors. We are nothing special. We are no one important. What we have is the passion to see the beauty in everything in this world and get inspiration from it. Some of us are writers, others are artists. There are also those who are business people and who can be influential to the public. But although we differ in personalities, we are bound by one goal in this Nice Art Life Stories website – to create a platform where travelers can freely share their experience, and for others to live in these experiences through of them.

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