Amazing relationship between man and nature

In this modern time, mankind searches almost obsessively for pleasure, materialistic goals and abundance. To obtain this we and our ancestors have exploited nature without any moral restraint to such an extent that nature has been rendered almost incapable of sustaining a healthy life. We have neglected the amazing relationship between man and nature.

Not so amazing but curious way of catching fish: Boys scare fish into a tight ball and then dive to the bottom of the reef to net their catch, Palawan – Philippines (© photo by Timothy Allen/BBC).

The natural and precious resources like air, water and soil have been polluted intensively with severely disastrous consequences. Mankind is now searching for ways and means to stop or reduce the global pollution problem as our own health is threatened too by the pollution. Many people and governments fortunately feels that it is irresponsible and morally wrong to give a polluted planet to the future generations. If mankind is able to act with a sense of responsibility to the natural world, to his fellow human beings and to unborn future generations, we have to find an appropriate environmental ethic today to prevent further aggravation of the present pollution problem. The main reason is that mankind and nature are related to each other. The relationship won’t last if one of them is incapable to sustain a healthy life for both.

Mankind has to depend on nature for his food, medicine, shelter, clothing and other necessities to be able to survive. To benefit from nature without disastrous exploitation we have to understand nature so that we can use the natural resources, live harmoniously with nature and with our fellow human beings. By understanding the working of nature (seasonal rainfall patterns, methods of conserving water, various soil types and the conditions that are required for growth of various food crops, etc.) we can obtain better results from our agricultural efforts and balanced methods. This process of learning needs to be accompanied by a certain level of moral restraint. Only this combination leads to the possibility to enjoy the benefits of natural resources for a long time. We must learn to satisfy our needs and not feed our greed and ‘modern’ obsessions. Unfortunately the resources of our planet aren’t infinite although our current greed and obsessions know neither limits nor saturation. It’s time to wake up for all of us and to support the beautiful relation and connection between mankind and nature and between human beings.

In this article you see some photos that perfectly illustrate the relationship between man and nature.

Children rejoice by playing in the water and dancing as long-awaited rain falls in the desert in Dogon country, Mali (© photo by Timothy Allen/BBC).

In the freezing Gobi Desert, camels find water by eating snow, Gobi Desert – Mongolia (© photo by Timothy Allen/BBC).

In autumn, the Sami must swim their reindeer and their young across a treacherous strait, Northern Norway (© photo by Abbie Trayler-Smith/BBC).

The people of Djenne use mud from the river for the annual re-plastering of the giant Mosque at the centre of the city, Djenne – Mali (© photo by Timothy Allen/BBC).

Temples covered in strangler figs show how the jungle overcomes all human attempts to tame it, Temple at Angkor Wat – Cambodia (© photo by Timothy Allen/BBC).

A Bayaka tribesman climbs a huge emergent tree to reach the most sought after of jungle foods – honey, Central African Republic (© photo by Timothy Allen/BBC).

Young boy guards the family farm from Gelada baboons, Simien Mountains – Ethiopia (© photo by Timothy Allen/BBC).

The queue to get a blessing form the head lama of this monastery in Tashi Chhodzong dzong, Thimpu – Bhutan (© photo by Timothy Allen/BBC).

Bayaka village situated in a forrest, Central African Republic (© photo by Timothy Allen/BBC).

A young Kazak eagle hunter, Altai mountains – Western Mongolia (© photo by Timothy Allen/BBC).

Walking to school over the frozen Zanskar River, Ladakh – India (© photo by Timothy Allen/BBC).

High fashion in the Nubra Valley. Awaiting the Dalai Lama in Diskyid, Nubra Valley – Ladakh – Indian Himalayas (© photo by Timothy Allen/BBC).

Drinking mares milk, Blue River Valley – Mongolia (© photo by Timothy Allen/BBC).


Human Planet/BBC

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There are 11 comments

  1. Juan Laporta

    It would be a great achievement for mankind to realize a way of living that respects nature and animals. Great set of photos, I love them! Nice job!

  2. christopher

    great write ups and pictures,… Pls i would like to know how nature influences human being. You can mail it to me, pls! Thanks.

    1. NiceArtLife

      Hi Christopher,
      Thanks a lot for your nice feedback on this article. I really appreciate it. If you like to know more about how nature influences human beings I can recommend the following article about the effect of connecting yourself to nature and earth:

      In this article you find a video of the Buddhist zen master Thich Nhat Hanh explaining the effects. There’s also a reference below the article to one of his books where he wrote about the connection between nature and human beings. I hope this helps you to answer your question.


  3. Gala

    “Amazing relationship between MAN and nature”?!???
    I hope you meant “Amazing relationship between HUMAN BEINGS and nature”. Women DO exist, you know (I’m one of them). I think it’s about time (2013!!!) language reflected the (supposed) end of a male-centred, patriarchal society.

    Gala (Genoa, Italy)

    1. NiceArtLife

      Dear Gala,
      Thanks for your feedback. Where the word ‘man’ has been used in the title of this article it refers to the usage/meaning of this word that also means to indicate humans as ‘specie(s)’, so to say to ‘humanity as a whole’.
      It isn’t meant to indicate exclusively to ‘men’ or to exclude women, not at all. If you read the entire content of the article you can see that the definition ‘mankind’ is being used, the same counts for the material of photographer Timothy Allen (Human Planet) and for the other articles on this website.
      Kind regards.

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