Nice Art Life Stories is nothing without thorough. As much as possible, we aim to give our supporters the right amount of service they deserve. And they deserve only the best for their continuous support to us. We have collected below the frequently asked questions to our staff. Feel free to read through it and let it be your guide in going through our website.

What is Nice Art Life Stories?

Nice Art Life Stories is a blog site where you can share your travel stories to everyone.

Do we need to pay before we can publish our story?

No. Nice Art Life Stories is non-profit. We don’t generate anything from anything posted here so we do not find the necessity of asking anyone to pay for the space. We simply want to keep people happy, entertained and inspired, and we do this by sharing stories with each other.

Do we need to register before we can publish anything?
No, you don’t. For entries you want to publish, you can just email us about it. You can check out email address on the contact page. No registrations required in any case so you don’t need to worry about your accounts getting hacked.

What if I want to take down my previous entry?
If you want to have your initial entry removed, you can just email us about it. Coordinate with us on removing it and we’ll immediately be on it. Your work is your ownership. As such, Nice Art Life Stories will not do anything to get between you and your intention of removing it.

How long does my entry stay in your system?
It stays as long as the website is active or unless you request to have it removed. It will just be pushed farther as newer entries are accepted but if you look throughout archives which are arranged by chronologically, you’ll still find it under its posting date.

More questions? Contact us today.

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